AiTS Forensic Automotive Engineering course

I recently provided lectures for experienced Metropolitan Police Collision Investigators attending this course run by Chris Dunn of AiTS.  I taught modules on Materials theory, Metals failures, Vehicle light bulbs, Speedometers & other vehicle instruments.  This training will assist them when investigating fatal and serious injury accidents, and it will help them determine when additional…


Vehicle Light Bulb Examination

On the topic of examining vehicle light bulbs, you may hear: “You don’t need to engage a light bulb Expert; examination of light bulbs is easy”. “If the filament has distorted the bulb was On at the time of the crash” “If it hasn’t distorted it was Off” Whilst it might be true in some,…


Tyre Ageing Bill

Currently an Early Day Motion (no. 167) is progressing through parliament.  It aims to replace the current advisory limit of 10 years for tyres on the front axles and single rear wheels of PSVs (Public Service Vehicles) with a mandatory 10 year limit for all tyres on PSVs. This motion has been brought by Maria…


Speedometer research

David co-authored SAE paper 2017-01-1412 ‘Speedometers and Collision Reconstruction’.  This was presented at the SAE World Congress in Detroit in April 2017 by co-author Chris Goddard.

Copies can be purchased direct from SAE.