Forensic Accident Investigation Services Ltd has been instructed by various other organisations, in addition to those acting in civil litigation or criminal investigations.

For these clients, a fully illustrated report will be produced as appropriate.

The following illustrate a range of failure types that we can deal with:

  • Metals (impact failures, fatigue cracking, corrosion, wear, casting defects, welding defects, not-to-specification metal)
  • Tyres (delamination and tread detachment, kerb crush-damage, puncture and repair issues, tread recutting, x-ray examination of damage)
  • Vehicle light bulbs (state of illumination at impact, pre-accident failures, manufacturing defects)
  • Wheel Detachment
  • Brakes (accident damage, pre-accident defects, heat damage)
  • Towing connections (trailer detachment, pre-accident damage)
  • Seat belts (evidence of use, retractor defects, buckle locking mechanism failure, attachment failures)