David has provided Expert evidence for almost all 43 UK police forces and has given Expert evidence at court on several hundred occasions.

He has also provided Expert evidence for British Transport Police and the Royal Military Police, and has provided Expert evidence for the Netherlands Forensic Institute (who investigate cases for the Dutch Police).

He regularly accepts investigations from police Collision Investigation Units and has worked on various major Operations.

He is listed as an Expert on the National Crime Agency (NCA) Expert Advisers’ Database.

If you instruct us, you will be provided with a section 9 Witness Statement conforming to the Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR).  Photographs will be appended when relevant.


In all cases the following will be required:

  • a submission form detailing the nature of the accident or incident
  • copies of relevant scene/vehicle examination photographs
  • a Purchase Order no. (and address to which the invoice should be sent)


Additional items such as witness statements may be required.



David Price has provided Defence teams with expert assistance in the preparation of their case, and helped them assess the worth of other expert’s evidence.  He has also provided advice to Defence lawyers in the courtroom and provided Expert evidence at court.

If you instruct us, a fully-illustrated report conforming to the Criminal Procedure Rules (CrimPR) will be produced.

Documents and other items required should be first discussed with us by phone or e-mail.


Please note:

  • We will only accept instructions from a Defendant’s solicitor provided that the case is fully funded and is not reliant on funding through the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).
  • We will not accept instructions directly from a Defendant – instructions are accepted only via his/her solicitor or motor insurer.