David Price has presented at:

  • Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators conferences
  • EVU (European Association for Accident Research and Analysis) international conference
  • Tire Expo international conferences
  • International Forensic Science conference (S Korea)
  • Forensic Science Society conferences
  • Road Transport Engineers regional meetings


  • David Price has carried out research and crash testing into the reliability of speedometer evidence and has co-authored papers on this topic published by SAE* and presented at various conferences (ITAI, EVU, WREX)

* C H Goddard & D Price – ‘Speedometers and Collision Reconstruction’, SAE 2017-01-1412

  • He has also carried out research into light bulb failures



David Price has trained in respect of vehicle component failures:

  • VOSA (now DVSA) vehicle examiners
  • Police Vehicle Examiners and Collision Investigators
  • University students
David Price