David Price played a major role in the following high profile cases:

  • Expert for Lord Steven’s enquiry into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales fatal car crash in Paris (examined the Mercedes S280 and its numerous component parts and produced a 282 page report on them)
  • Investigated for HSE the cause of the tyre failure on the jet-powered car driven by Richard Hammond (BBC TV ‘Top Gear’)
  • Investigated the cause of delamination of the 19½ year old tyre that caused loss of control and resultant deaths of 3 persons on a coach travelling from the 2012 ‘Bestival’ music festival. This investigation led to a meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport and which resulted in the issue of guidance to coach operators concerning tyres.
  • Prosecuting authority’s expert concerning the vehicles that caused both the Selby Rail Crash and the Berkshire (Ufton Nervet) Rail Crash.
The Mercedes at the scene of the accident