David Price played a major role in the following high-profile cases:

  • Expert for Lord Steven’s enquiry into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales fatal car crash in Paris (examined the Mercedes S280 and its numerous component parts, and produced a 282 page report on them)
  • Investigated for the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) the cause of the tyre failure on the jet-powered car driven by Richard Hammond (BBC TV ‘Top Gear’)
  • Investigated the cause of delamination/separation’ of the 19½ year old tyre that caused loss of control and resultant deaths of 3 persons on a coach travelling from the 2012 ‘Bestival’ music festival. This investigation led to a meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport. Investigated the cause of delamination/separation of an 18¼ year old front tyre on a lorry that veered across the M5 near Bristol and which caused the deaths of 5 other motorists. Following this, that vehicle operators with tyres older than 10 years will face investigation.
  • Prosecuting authority’s expert concerning the vehicles that caused both the Selby Rail Crash and the Berkshire (Ufton Nervet) Rail Crash – numerous fatalities
  • Investigated for Avon & Somerset Constabulary brake components from the ‘Bath Tipper Lorry’ (Grittenham Haulage) accident in 2015 – 4 fatalities


David Price has been instrumental in DVSA (VOSA, DfT) UK recalls, including:

  • Dunlop Tyres (separation/delamination)
  • Hyundai (rear suspension)
  • Ford (seat belts)
  • Sanderson (rear suspension)


and investigations into:

  • Kässbohrer/Setra coaches (ABS sensor wiring failure)
  • Corbeau racing seat collapse (this led to an RAC Motorsport rule change regarding seats)



Other important investigations, albeit not necessarily as high profile, have included:

  • Police car ABS failure
  • Bus, lorry, van, car, and cycle wheel detachments, some leading to fatalities
  • Bus seats incorrectly attached to the floor, resulting in injuries to many school children
  • Ambulance loss of control owing to unsuitable conversion to air-suspension
  • Military tank brake failure to brake caused by incorrect fluid being added, leading to a fatality
  • Coach in Oman which suffered sidewall delamination from the casing ply, resulting in fatalities
  • Brake caliper partial detachment owing to poor dealership repair, leading to tyre deflation
  • Motorised tricycle rear axle failure caused by unsatisfactory welding during conversion
  • Airport fire-fighting truck in Oman which suffered catastrophic separation
  • ATV (’quad bikes’) falling from high cliff paths, resulting in fatality & life-changing injuries
  • Bus doors trapping hands of those trying to enter, resulting in those persons being run over
  • Hell’s Angel’s motorcycle frame separation resulting from defective conversion
  • Bus parking-brake internal damage, leading to the vehicle rolling down a hill
  • Police car and bus anti-roll bar failures caused by metal fatigue
  • Bus bearing failures – various causes
  • Fairground ride collapsed caused by defective design, resulting in a fatality
  • Beer storage tank exploded as a result of defective filling machinery, resulting in a fatality
The Mercedes at the scene of the accident