Currently an Early Day Motion (no. 167) is progressing through parliament.  It aims to replace the current advisory limit of 10 years for tyres on the front axles and single rear wheels of PSVs (Public Service Vehicles) with a mandatory 10 year limit for all tyres on PSVs.

This motion has been brought by Maria Eagle MP following sustained campaigning by one of her constituents whose son was one of 3 persons killed when a coach in which they were travelling crashed as a result of suffering an excessively old front tyre having burst (e.g. see ).  I was the expert who examined that tyre and presented evidence for the Coroner at the inquest in 2013.

Sadly this potential Bill will be limited to PSVs and not HGVs, which use similar tyres and which can cause equally devastating accidents if they burst.  Hopefully, if the Bill is passed, it can later be widened to include HGVs.  As also expressed to DVSA, I would like there to be legislation to include car and other small vehicle tyres because I have also examined and then given evidence at inquests concerning tread detachment and bursts resulting from the use of excessively old tyres of that type.